Everyone has a story.
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I help those who have defied the odds
share their journey, so they can inspire a broader audience.

“Without Caroline, my book would never have been written. She quickly captured my voice on the page, and her diligent research and in-depth interviews uncovered details and events that I had forgotten—or in some cases didn’t even know about.”
—Sammy Lee Davis



About Caroline

Identifying the threads that weave through one’s personal experience and turning them into a cohesive and inspiring narrative is no easy feat. Caroline brings her extensive background as an award-winning former journalist and editor for The Economist to her role as a story coach, ghostwriter and writing collaborator.


An award-winning former journalist, Caroline has mastered the art of interview, research and finding the story within the story.


Caroline’s personal journey has ignited a passion to help others share how they have harnessed their own challenges to transform themselves, their world and others’. She contributes her talent and exceptional empathy to each collaboration. 


A tale in four chapters:
1. Sharpen your intention.
2. Deep-dive into your life story.
3. Zoom in on the journey within your story.
4. Turn that experience into an inspiring narrative.


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