Sammy Lee Davis

Medal of Honor recipient and Vietnam veteran


Without Caroline, my book would never have been written. She quickly captured my voice and my feelings on the page, and her diligent research and in-depth interviews uncovered details and events that I had forgotten—or in some cases didn’t even know about. Her willingness and ability to dig deeper unearthed long-buried emotions, which not only helped the book but also resulted in additional healing for me. My wife and I love her like family.

You Don’t Lose ‘til You Quit Trying

Sherry Maves


Caroline served as a “book doctor” as I shored up the manuscript of a co-written memoir, and she prescribed just the medicine we needed. Through her thoughtful questions, Caroline encouraged us to unearth hidden, sometimes painful memories, which provided substantially more depth and substance to the story. She identified reoccurring themes and parallels in our story that greatly improved the narrative, and her fresh perspective helped us step outside the frame for a clearer view of the picture inside. She helped us rework the structure, and paid careful attention to detail as we reconstructed various chapters under her guidance. She also helped us improve transitions, flow and syntax throughout the book. Her expertise was invaluable.

It’s always great to have a cheerleader, and Caroline was supportive and genuinely interested in the progress we made. She encouraged us to write from the heart and stick to our convictions whenever there was something we felt strongly about—even if she didn’t share our view—which we truly appreciated. She was always available to answer our questions and worked with us in a timely manner.

I will approach future book projects with greater confidence because of what I learned from Caroline. She pushed me as a writer in a caring and professional manner. She offered the tools I needed, let me forge ahead, and then was willing to help with revision after revision. For any author who is willing to commit time and effort to his or her book, I would highly recommend Caroline.

Endless Love and Second Chances

Todd Moss

Chief Operating Officer and Senior Fellow, Center for Global Development


I’ve relied on Caroline Lambert for multiple projects involving writing, ghostwriting, and editing. Some of her most challenging projects have been shaping the memoirs of senior politicians and policymakers, whose trust and respect she quickly earned. Caroline turned complicated histories and topics into highly readable narratives without losing nuance, texture, or voice. She structured these narratives in a compelling way by identifying lessons and themes. Through her research and interviews, she was able to make these stories much richer. Her expertise, talent and empathy make her an exceptional writing collaborator.

Oil to Cash
Show Me the Money
Zimbabwe: From Hemorrhage to Stability, a Personal Journey